All types of labels like product labels, self-adhesive and scratch off labels

We deliver all kinds of product labels

Flexo printing up to 8 colours, varnish included and blank labels for self-printing. Together with you, we look for the ideal substrate to meet your needs and deliver it exactly as you wish. All shapes are possible, from a common rectangle to special tailor-made shapes. We also offer some additional possibilities, such as punched holes, pin feed, roll feed and
zig zag roll feed, individual inkjet numbering…

Among our other possibilities, let us point out printings with blacklight ink for additional safety, die-stamp printing, scratch-off printing, cold foil printing to give your labels a metallic gloss, stick-on labels with additional punched holes for major safety, detachable coupons with printed back, Duo Labels, Dry Peel, Peel and Seal labels which allow your packaging to be opened and closed several times.

We also offer self-adhesive labels in cardboard, strong enough to be part of the packaging. By using them, you mention all the necessary information while reducing the cost of your packaging.

If the text written on your labels requires much space – such as can be the case with instruction leaflets or labels written in several
languages, we suggest a book label with in-adhesive printing, which is both space- and cost-reducing.

To help you further, we can also supply you with thermal transfer ribbons for your printer. They will enable you to complete your labels with all the needed flexibility.

Quality & service are our assets!